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Galangal, laos or kelawas (Karo language) (Alpinia galanga) is a type of tuber plant that can live in highland and lowland areas.
Galangal is one type of spice that is widely grown in Asia, such as India, Arabia, China, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.
[3] Generally, people use it as a mixture of spices and traditional medicine.
The use of galangal for cooking is by bruising the rhizome and then dipping it into the cooking mixture, while for traditional medicine, red galangal is widely used. Galangal can grow in the open; in full sun or some shade.
Galangal can grow well in moist, loose soil and will find it difficult to grow in muddy soil. Galangal thrives in lowland areas up to an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level. In Indonesia, galangal is found growing wild in teak forests or in thickets.