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PT Nurwin Faeyza Utama

PT Nurwin Faeyza Utama is a trading company that is continuously committed to serving better in the food ecosystem transformation process.

PT Nurwin Faeyza Utama is a company engaged in the business of domestic and international trade.


To become a trusted and leading world-class national trading company.


  • Conduct general and special trade for food and non-food products from upstream to downstream, targeting domestic and international markets
  • Providing quality products, competitive prices, and benefits to ensure customer satisfaction, as well as establishing sustainable partnerships
  • Designing an integrated ecosystem that serves to support the main business in commerce
  • Increase productivity, agility and quality of HR performance through the development of employee capabilities and competencies.

The value of the company

  1. Sincere, uphold the trust given
  2. Competent, continue to learn and develop capacity
  3. Harmonia, caring and respecting each other
  4. Faithful, nature for the nation and country
  5. Adaptive, constantly amazed and enthusiastic in moving or in the face of change
  6. Collaborative, build synergistic cooperation

Our Team

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Ade Nurwinsyah