Instead Of Taking Fake Diet Pills, Take These 5 Spices To Lose Weight

Instead Of Taking Fake Diet Pills, Take These 5 Spices To Lose Weight

Recently, there has been a buzz about fake diet pills. When in fact there are many natural diet drugs such as herbs that are effective in losing weight.

Nowadays it is easy to find diet pills on the market. Some are cheap or expensive, all claim to help you lose weight. But there are fake diet drugs that actually have a negative effect on health.

Clinical nutrition specialist from Ambrosia Clinic and Aesthetics, Dr. Karin Wiradarma, MGizi, SpGK, explained that slimming drugs should not be diuretics or shed urine constantly, and not laxatives.

“Many people who sell, some are even not doctors, make a lot of it. Especially those that can increase energy expenditure metabolism, sweat a little bit. But we have to be careful, because many give, for example, laxatives to keep pooping,” he told (7/3).

Actually to lose weight can be done with a natural diet. For example, by adjusting your diet and exercising regularly. It can also be helped with natural ingredients such as spices.

Reporting from Healthline (16/3) there are several spices that are effective in losing weight. This spice not only makes food delicious but also reliable as a natural diet remedy.

Turmeric is often relied upon as an herbal remedy for various health problems. The antioxidant content in turmeric helps overcome health problems such as stomach pain, metabolic disorders to overcome obesity. No wonder that turmeric is also widely used as a natural diet medicine.

Naturally, turmeric is able to suppress the growth of fatty tissue in the body. Thus turmeric helps to lose weight significantly.

If you want to get maximum benefits, turmeric can be consumed regularly. Turmeric is also safe to consume every day as a mixture of food or drink. Consumption of turmeric must also be balanced with a regular diet and exercise.

Its fragrant aroma makes cinnamon widely added in cooking and drinks. Cinnamon also has a distinctive taste that makes food more appetizing. Besides being delicious, cinnamon is also effective in helping you lose weight.

The natural content of cinnamon has antimicrobial properties that are effective for weight loss. The antimicrobials in cinnamon help reduce the body’s negative response to high-fat foods. In addition, cinnamon also suppresses appetite.

In addition to being a cooking spice, cardamom is also commonly mixed in drinks. In Arabia, cardamom is used as a mixture for spiced coffee. The spicy taste and distinctive aroma make cardamom often added to food and drinks.

Consumption of cardamom can increase metabolism. This spice is also a natural diuretic which makes the body get rid of excess salt through urine. Although it is a diuretic, the effect is not harmful.

The spiciness of black pepper also gives a delicious taste to the dish. Black pepper contains piperine, which is a compound that helps improve the metabolic system. The effect is to prevent and reduce the accumulation of excessive fat in the body.

The warm effect produced by black pepper also helps make the body burn calories faster. You can add black pepper to dishes or drinks. If you like to drink coffee or tea, try adding two black peppercorns to your tea or coffee. Feel the fresh spicy sensation as well as its healthy benefits.

Black cumin has long been used as a natural remedy for various health problems. Even the Prophet SAW made black cumin or Black Seed as a medicine to treat disease. Black cumin can also be relied on as a spice to boost the immune system.

Black cumin is able to increase insulin concentration and reduce glucose levels that are too high. If the body has good glucose control, then the appetite will decrease. When the body experiences a decrease in appetite, the body will gradually slim down. However, you still need portion control.